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Rugby 7

Roma Seven 2018 declares more and more amazing news! Italian Rugby Union replies by seven selection the heat to strong team of Samurai, edition 2003 and other international rugby sevens tournaments winner. Following finalists of Roma Seven 2003, other important clubs are interested to attend 2011 edition such
as Stellenbosch university club (South Africa most important team) 114a Melrose tournament winner in 10 of april 2011, the oldest seven-a-side rugby tournament and birth place of sevens, Ponsoby club, famous as New Zealand legend.

The Rugby 7

Following the great success of Six Nations and the interest of the Olympic Committee for rugby seven introduced as demonstrative sport in 2008 Olympic Games Rome and Seven Kings of Rome have the pleasure of hosting the Third International Rugby Seven’s Tournament "Roma Seven".

A very important news regards location worth of artistic and hystorical traditions of Rome; in sporting area of Foro Italico, tournament will be held in very famous "Stadio dei Marmi", famous for unicity of its structure and tradition.

"Roma Seven" was born to light Rome and Roman people enthusiasm on Rugby Seven’s, a sport easy to understand and highly spectacular, holding this event in the framework of many interesting social events.

The event will be played on 9 of June 2011 and foresees the partecipation of the best world rugby seven teams that will try to content to Samurai the Roma Seven Cup.

The event will start with the Welcome party scheduled by 6.00 p.m.of Friday 11 to receive teams and their managers, to give and present tournament programme.

On saturday preliminary poolswill start on Saturday at 10.00 a.m., each game will last fourteen minutes (two halves of seven minutes each) and will be played on the stadium called "Stadio dei Marmi" close to Olimpic Stadium.

The first two teams in each division will go on to the quarter finals of the third Roma Seven Cup which will consist of two halves of ten minutes each.

The third runners up in each division will play for the Plate Seven Kings with two halves of ten minutes each. The Roma Seven party
will start after the ceremony to award the Roma Seven Cup and the Plate Seven Kings and will be attended by some of Rome’s most beautiful girls. During the entire tournament a restaurant and bar service with background music will be available.

Roma Seven will be followed by all mass media such as tv, radio, national press and local magazines all coordinated by press agency of general committee . There will also be the participation of famous players and show business people.

2003 edition, supported by the the City Council and Lazio region for the Institutional aspects, and by Italian Rugby Federation and Regional Committee for the Sporting aspects, has interested more than 7000 people, without taking in count of information diffusion (invitation, results, sponsorships) through television, newspapers, local magazines, field magazines, tournament paper, websites.

Rugby Sevens

12 teams face each other to conquer second Roma Seven Cup and Plate Seven Kings.After 12 hours of great rugby and a continuous series of matches, the two favourite teams Samurai and Italy VII reached the final.

At the end of an exciting final, in a great frame
of enthusiast people that crowded the stands, Samurai has won the ROMA SEVEN CUP 2003. Unione Rugby Capitolina, for the second time, has won PLATE SEVEN KINGS, reserved to best third teams of each group.

The Rugby 7


Berween the other teams that have attended to Roma Seven 2003
we can mention the New Zealand Maori Invitation the English teams of London Visigoths and Old Lewensians the Argentinians of Castroni Invitation, the Scotticsh team of Currie Football Rugby Club and the Italian teams of Petrarca Padova and Seven Kings of Rome.

Tradition has it, for there are no authoritative documents of the period extant today, that in 1883 Melrose Football Club was casting around for ideas to help the Club's finances when the suggestion of a football tournament was put forward by the now legendary 'NED' HAIG.

Rugby Seven’s

Ned Haig was born in Jedburgh on 7th December, 1858, and came to Melrose as a youth. At first he was not particularly attracted to the game of Rugby but after participation in Fastern's E'en Ba he developed an interest and taste for the sport. Haig first played for the Club in 1880 in the second team with an occasional sortie in the Firsts, the first of these being against Earlston at the Annual Hiring Fair there.

One year later he was a regular member of the First team and also made appearances for the South. When Haig's playing days came to an end he continued to take an active part in The Club and served for several seasons on the General and Match Committee. Ned Haig had a long life and died on 28th March, 1939, just shortly before the by now popular Melrose Sports at The Greenyards; the very event that he was instrumental in initiating.

In an article "An old Melrose Player's Recollections", written most probably in 1907/1908, Haig says: "Want of money made us rack our brains as to what was to be done to keep the Club from going to the wall, and the idea struck me that a football tournament might prove attractive but as it was hopeless to think of having several games in one afternoon with fifteen players on each side, the teams were reduced to seven men."
It is not now possible to say whether a football tournament with athletic events, or athletic events with a football tournament was the original idea.

The Seven Kings of Rome is a SUPERCLUB set up in 1995 with the aim of bringing together the best Rugby Seven specialists to take part in and organise tournaments at the highest levels.

Our first participation was in the Heineken Amsterdam Rugby Seven event in 1995. As division leader n. 60 (of the 60 participating teams) we won the eliminatory round, the second round and only gave in at the quarter finals against the White Hart Maranders, a team which had Dallaglio, Charvet and another 5 British international players.

The incumbent team (Saetti, Montalto, Parladori, Bernardi, Caranci, Barba e Salvati) had four Italian players out of seven. On our return to Rome we competed in the tournament organised by the CUS Roma Rugby which we won and we continued to take part in this in successive years as it went on to become the highest expression of Italian tournaments.

The Rugby 7


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